Our Journey so far

We started amid breakout of pandemic Covid19 in May 2020. The objective of this e-magazine is to
publish up-to-date, high-quality and original inspiring stories of businesses alongside relevant and insightful reviews. We connected with a few friends at first who were running their own business and requested if they could spare some time by sharing their knowledge and experience. We built a basic website which can contain information about the influencers and we would talk about ideas and challenges of different fields and started sharing their interviews on a YouTube channel by the name of Founder Talks. Our first ever interview was published on 7th June 2020, almost a month after website was launched. Our first guest was Yog guru Anil Panu Ji who talked about his journey and how we can stay fit with yoga from home amid lockdown without going out. We had a great conversation with First Indian Pro Boxer Pradeep Sihag, who joined us from Australia to share his struggles on the way to success. This was very popular among viewers. We expanded our team to get more reach and we had contributors from all over the country.It was an exciting time for us. We had support from experts, influencers and achievers from different industries. Some of our notable contributors are Mr. Vidya Bhushan, Cofounder Daalchini Technologies, Mr. Arpit Arora, Passive Income Coach, Ms. Nidhi Jain, Founder, German Gyan

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