Doographics: A story of “Made in India graphic designing software.”

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Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.” Oprah Winfrey. Dadasaheb Bhagat, the young man from Beed set the example for thousands of young entrepreneursHis journey from office boy to founder of graphic designing software will inspire you! 

When people were busy in deciding and searching for a good place for their business, this young man started his graphic designing company from a village in the shed with a small team. Finding a good place was a challenging situation but, his confidence & hard work pushed him to find a place with internet and electricity.

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After completing 10th from Sudarshan Vidyalaya in Sangvi, Dadasaheb worked as an office boy in Infosys Pune. During that phase, he understood about the software, it’s working & importance. His interest gets converted into a passion after a certain time. After working for 10 years he decided to make his own software. His willpower and hard work pushed him to start this project. After working for day and night he successfully designed “Made in India” graphic designing software called “Doographics”. 

His software helps you to Spend much less time while making online graphics and more time to grow your business as well as to build relationships. You can easily create social media posts, You-tube thumbnails, banners, cover photos, newsletters and many more designs with thousands of stunning templates free of costs. The best part of this software is, it is cost-free software with a lot of free templates. You can easily make your designs in less time. 

He also helped and motivated youngsters. He trained 12th pass out students, and now he is working as a software developer in his company. He is giving training to students who want to “Learn & Earn”.

He believes in the mantra that, “Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it”.

Canva is one of the competitors of Doographics. But, the dashboard of Doographics made me fall in love with their amazing designs.

Why Doographics is better than Canva?

Canva is also a graphic designing software. Canva gives you different templates as per your, you can customise your templates according to your need.

So, now you are thinking Canva and Doographics are the same? So, the answer is No. There is a huge difference between these two. Canva is costlier than Doographics. It also provides different templates, HD images for free, but if we see Canva you have to take a premium version for HD images.

Doographics have so many categories then that you don’t need to see templates on another application. You can get all types of templates for free of cost on a single platform. Doographics have a different language of templates for, you can make designs in your favorite language as well. 

After reading this, you will understand how passion, Hard work, Consistency helps you to fly high! This young man set the best example for people who want to start their own company.

I can only say that, “No one can stop you when you really want to fly high!”

In the current pandemic where huge businesses such as apple, H & M and several huge factories were closed whereas an Indian created India’s first graphic designing website “ DooGraphics” in his own village in Maharashtra 

The website helps one create posters, Facebook advertisements and several more designs within a few clicks through some drag and drops, you can find several templates for ones every social media need. 

The developer of the software wanted to create this website in his village but due to shortage of  electricity and light he had to shift his start -up to a tent two point five kilometers away from his village from where he could easily commute to and fro, after the idea and place was finalised the work immediately began, the second question that arrived was that who would he employ?

 In order to help people, the start- up recruited software designers who were unemployed during the pandemic and helped them survive.

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 Another great milestone for the start- up was that the designers they  employed from the village had very less knowledge of the area and had zero experience but the entrepreneur  taught them with great patience and now they have no less knowledge than that of a normal software designer , from this incident what key learning they  engrossed was that in our country talent isn’t any less it just needs to be polished and helped, just like huge businesses such as apple we also have started our unique journey and hopefully reach the success line soon. 

The journey of the start-up is an interesting one and gives us so much to learn and give inspiration to new startups that one can start from the scratch with zero resources and one idea and with hard work and dedication anyone can achieve their dreams.

This software is brand new and made in India. The team behind this software is so inspiring, They are working hard without proper infrastructure.

This tool will be a rival of Canva and Snappa in the coming years. What do I love about this software? you don’t need any extra technical knowledge to create graphics,

the tool is easy to use, the features on this tool are amazing compared to the available tools in the market.

There are many templates available for creating a quick design, You can design Facebook posts, Facebook ads, Instagram Post, Flyers, Pinterest Design, YouTube thumbnail and many more categories are available in this software.

You can choose custom dimensions according to your need, Cropping images, Remove background any image, Adding elements, Text, and you will get tons of fonts that offer this software.

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