SoFood- the perfect marriage of health,convenience and nutrients

 SoFood is an organization working with a vision to empower farmers and serve the cause of sustainability by making renewable energy accessible. It aims not only to reduce food & agriculture waste by improving shelf life but also to provide customers with 100% natural and high-quality products which can have a wide range of applications and consumption forms. Their product and its value chain are borne out of the idea of sustainability: be it in terms of environmental impact, food quality, agricultural practices or fair trade. 

Team SoFood is a diverse and eclectic group of passionate individuals. Here, years of business experience reinforces enthusiasm and desire to make a difference. Born and raised in the districted of Vidarbha, Sumit Tated, a Green Technologist & Chemical Engineer from  ICT Mumbai, always aspired to work towards making a difference in rural and developing India. While pursuing his degree at India’s renowned Institute of Chemical Technology (a.k.a. University Department of Chemical Technology or UDCT), he felt the time to be ripe to test his business skills by working different start-up ideas. With his batch-mate Rishabh Chaudhary, another of SoFood founders, Sumit has initiated several ventures like selling customized T-shirts to institutes or teaching school children in the vicinity, or providing career counselling to students,. What drives Sumit is his yearning to cater to the rural society which stems from his family which has actively worked for the cause of social advancement.

Mrs. Amita Shah is an enterprising businessperson who knows what it takes to run a business. A Computer Engineer by qualification, she started a venture dealing with the sale of computers by the name of Mayka Impex. Years later, with the support of key family members settled abroad she went ahead to found a firm dealing with export of handicrafts to Africa. Apart from technology and export management, her experience also encompasses stock brokerage and investment management.

Rishabh Chaudhary, hails from a family based in Faridabad. Having inherited both academic and entrepreneurial genes in his family, Rishabh knew that his start-up would combine his zest for developing something new and his regard for the rural roots of his family. Also a graduate from Institute of Chemical Technology, he aims to apply his engineering aptitude to agricultural practices.

Sumit having lived in a college hostel for 17 years experienced the lack of healthy meal options available in the market.Being a research student in Green Technology, he came across the idea of dehydrating sprouts which can be stored for long and can be instantly prepared later. He could imagine the convenience and the super healthy meal choice it would offer to students. After more brainstorming and market research, it was clear that not just students, but a large section of the urban society – working couples, working mothers of school-going children, diet-conscious youth etc would also be hugely benefited from such a product.

SoFood cater to the demands of a modern lifestyle which are identified by expectations of convenient usability and shorter preparation time at home, thus keeping in mind urban wants.  The dehydrated products do not lose nutrition. In fact, nutrients are concentrated. Based on  nutritional analysis performed, it is observed that over 99% of the nutrients are retained. All sort  of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs can be dehydrated. The product range extends widely:  natural flavoured amla candies, apple, jackfruit, jamun, musk-melon, pineapple and banana are  some of the fruits which are promising. Among vegetables, capsicum, onions, lady finger,  tomatoes, cabbage and many others have produced good results. Even spices like coriander,curry leaves, mint powder and kokam form a range of high-value products which show high  flavour retention. 


They are dehydrated sprouted pulses prepared using unique drying process, giving healthy,nutritious and easy to prepare sprouts for your everyday meals.Sprouting causes improved absorption of proteins and vitamins in the body. Brotos brings the convenience of instant foods and wholesomeness of enriched diets naturally,without any preservatives,colour or other additives.

 The value proposition that they offer to their customers are:

∙         Low calorie, high protein, balanced diet options with great taste

∙         Easy to cook/ consume

∙         Longer shelf life with no preservative added

∙         Affordable

The biggest differentiator that they have compared to all their competitors is perfect balance of nutrition, convenience, taste and affordability. The cost of their instant sprouts meal to consumer is less than INR 30/- per serving (cost of Chai-Samosa).Over and above that, the time required to prepare these sprouts is just 5 minutes. The value for money and time in this healthy meal has the potential to captivate the customers. 

SoFood aims to contribute to food sustainability, improved nutrition and use of clean energy in India and across the world. They aim to make Instant Healthy Foods not only affordable and accessible, but also appealing to customers with great taste and convenience.

At present, they are selling in domestic market online via Amazon, Bigbasket, Paytm, Luke’s Wellness Market, Greend, Mygalf, Vvegano etc. Also, have their products in Haiko  and Spencer’s Retail Chain, Metro Cash & Carry. Products are launched in UAE. They are USFDA registered and will be soon available in USA & Canada.

You can buy the products on or order on whatsapp on +919022098864.

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